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there's more to life than survival mode


There just never seems to be enough hours in the day. You start each morning already feeling burnt out from the day before. You know things need to change, but you don't have the first clue how to muster up the energy to add anything else to your schedule.


Your body feels like it's falling apart. Every month there seems to be a new symptom or ailment that pops up and you don't even know where to start addressing these problems. You feel like you're eating healthy foods, yet your body is hanging on to extra weight, and you just wish someone would tell you what you need to do!


The worst part is that you're just supposed to accept it. You are so busy looking after your kids, spouse, family members, career and household responsibilities... and through it all you've completely lost touch with YOU.

" Life looks very different for me now."

I'm taking charge of my mind, body and soul. I'm trying to see life as empowered as possible. No more wishing I could do something... now I just do it! When I wake up now, I start with intent (not that blah, exhausted feeling).



Understand Your Body's Unique Needs

and start supporting it out of LOVE rather than guilt.

Feel Truly Heard and Supported

so you feel EMPOWERED to begin making new choices.

Find Your Peace and Balance

no longer feel like you are just reacting to life, but CREATING it.

Implement New Habits with Ease

even if you feel like you've tried EVERYTHING in the past.

Move Through Life with More Energy

knowing that you are meant for MORE than just exhaustion.

Feel More Comfortable & Confident

not just in your BODY, but also in your life, work & relationships.

It's all possible for you!


Uncover the roadblocks that have been keeping you stuck,

Heal your relationship with Food,

and Learn to support your Body in a whole new way...

"Amanda is the one who really helped me out from this dead end."

She really understood what I was going through, and was such a great support for me. I am so happy that she came to my life.


" Amanda's support literally changed my life."

I felt so strongly that there was something missing from every other weight loss method I'd tried before, and the more I tried, the worse my results became. I never knew how to support my body before. She gave me so much insight and confirmation in my struggles that I didn't feel like I was just too weak, had too little willpower or was too lazy. A total shift for me, and I am definitely able to be a much better example for my children now too!


"She helped me realize so many more beautiful things about myself."

I asked Amanda for help with weight loss. Not only did she help me lose weight, but she helped me realize so many more beautiful things about myself. I am very Thankful and Grateful for all that she has done for me along my journey..


"Rooted in compassion, kindness, empathy and empowerment."

Amanda is not only an incredibly Passionate Coach; she is an epic human! Rooted in compassion, kindness, empathy and empowerment, Amanda's guidance, presence and wisdom will support you through whatever it is that has brought you to work with her.


"Amanda is incredible!"

Only one word can describe how I feel about what she has brought to my life and that's Gratitude! I'm grateful for everything she's taught me, from my relationship with food and my body, to the truth behind it all... that I am more than the sum of my parts and that I am Worthy of a Healthier Me.


There is never a perfect time to do anything. Ever.

So why wait? What are you waiting for?

Heal.Nourish.Thrive with Amanda Diamond