I Empower Women to Take Control of their Health & Realize their True Potential.

About Me.

Hello, I'm Amanda

About 10 years ago my body started to rebel against me...

After 2 years of struggling with horrible symptoms, seeing several doctors, and getting sent for numerous tests... I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called Ulcerative Colitis.

This life changing event sparked a passion in me that has been my main focus ever since... To help people live Healthier & Happier lives.

My own experience allowed me to see the gaps in our medical system first hand, and how many people were slipping through the cracks... and not getting the care, support and resolution they deserved.

My Services.

There are several ways to work with me depending on your personal needs, goals and budget...

1 on 1 Coaching

Personalized Support to help you reach your unique Health & Wellness Goals.

Group Coaching Programs

Group support that leverages Community along with Support and Guidance from me.

Online Courses & Products

Online Courses, Workshops, and Digital Products Coming Soon!

Who Do I Help?

  • The Woman who is tired of existing in Survival Mode, and is ready to make Big Changes in her life...
  • The Mom who has been on the back burner for too long, and is left feeling Depleted & Exhausted...
  • The Female who has been struggling with uncomfortable Health Issues, but has no idea where to start...
  • The Dreamer who knows that She is Meant for More...

What My

Clients Say.

Amanda is not only an incredibly passionate Coach; she is an epic human! Rooted in compassion, kindness, empathy and empowerment, Amanda's guidance, presence and wisdom will support you through whatever it is that has brought you to work with her. She creates a safe space for openness, vulnerability, realness and transformation.

Michele C.

I asked Amanda for help with weight loss. Not only did she help me lose weight, but she helped me realize so many more beautiful things about myself. I am very thankful and grateful for all that she has done for me along my journey. If you have the opportunity to work with her do it! You won't be disappointed.

Corrine L.

Amanda is incredible! Only one word can describe how I feel about what she has brought to my life and that's GRATITUDE. I'm grateful for everything she's taught me, from my relationship with food and my body, to the truth behind it all... that I am more than the sum of my parts and that I am worthy of a healthier me.

There are no quick fixes, but through healthier choices (mind, body & soul) I can be the stronger, healthier and more mindful woman I want to be.

Rhonda S.

There is NOT one thing I can say negatively about Coach Amanda. She is very genuine, truly loves what she does, she is caring and is always open to answer questions. There is never a moment where I feel like a bother, she’s knowledgeable and is not greedy imparting her knowledge with others. I truly admire this lady for her dedication to her clients and highly recommend her as a coach! Thank you Amanda for being amazing at what you do and the time you sincerely give.

Merida V.

There's a Difference

Between Knowing

...and Doing

I Help My Clients Create


By Bridging That Gap

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