Hi, I'm Amanda

I'll show you how to ditch the diets (for good)

...and cultivate a positive relationship with food, movement & yourself.

Hi, I'm Amanda

I'll show you how to ditch the diets...

And cultivate a positive relationship with food, movement and yourself.

How would it feel if...

  • You never felt the need to try another restrictive diet EVER AGAIN.

  • You confidently knew how to make the best food choices for your body each and every day.

  • You could finally stop trying to "fix" your body, and start truly appreciating it instead.

"I felt so strongly that there was something missing from every other weight loss method I'd tried before, and the more I tried, the worse my results became. Amanda gave me the guidance I needed to heal my relationship with food after years of dieting."

- Angela

I get it... I've been there.

I used to struggle with chronic digestive issues, low energy, poor mental health, and the overwhelm that came with trying to manage all my symptoms. After hitting my rock bottom... I finally learned to support my body in a whole new way.

Another thing I learned over the past decade of coaching women, is that there's a gap between knowing and doing. You don't just need to be told what to do...

You need education, support and compassionate guidance, and I've made it my life's mission to help as many women as I can to stop living in survival mode and experience what it feels like to finally start thriving.

I'VE SUCCESSFULLY helped hundreds of women create heathier eating habits without the strict rules

Are you ready to transform?

My clients don't just ditch the diets, they completely transform their lives.

Don't know where to start? Begin with my Masterclass...

3 Secrets to food freedom

Discover the 3 Step Method that will allow you to Ditch the Diets (for good!) and finally create healthier eating habits that actually stick


  • The Key to Creating Healthier Habits... even if you feel like you have already tried everything there is to try.

  • How Low Energy, Intense Cravings, & Stubborn Bodyfat are all connected (& symptoms of a deeper problem.)

  • Why Just Pushing Yourself Harder ISN'T The Answer...and what to do instead.

  • How to Finally Ditch The Yo-Yo Diets FOR GOOD...and start eating healthier while actually enjoying it!

Walking the talk...


"I am more than the sum of my parts"

I am grateful for everything Amanda has taught me. From my relationship with food and my body, to the truth behind it all... That I'm worthy of a healthier me. I'm taking charge of my mind, body and soul. When I wake up now, I start with intent... not that blah, exhausted feeling.


"She helped guide me back to myself"

Prior to our work together I wasn’t as mindful and had forgotten some of my healthy practices. Amanda has helped me shift my perspective and focus and has helped guide me back to myself intuitively.


"Amanda was wonderful to work with"

What helps her stand above the rest is her holistic and down to earth approach that is both flexible and supportive. Highly recommended!


"Amanda helped me realize so many beautiful things about myself"

I asked Amanda for help with weight loss. Not only did she help me lose weight, but she helped me realize so many more beautiful things about myself. I am very grateful for all she has done for me along my journey.