Healthy Eating

Ready to create healthier habits

(That You Can Actually Stick To?)

The Supportive Eating Method™ will give you the tools & confidence you need to start Eating Healthier & Feeling Better...without the Strict Rules.

Believe me, I get it...

I know your struggle. You feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked. Paleo, vegan, keto, CrossFit, yoga… the list goes on. You are so confused about what is actually healthy because of the overload of information out there. You feel out of touch with your body and you KNOW there’s more to life than stress, exhaustion and counting calories.

You’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and you’re so ready for a change.

You want to wake up every morning and feel excited for life! You want to live a life full of joy, not a life weighed down by the constant struggle of cravings, diets and cardio.

I know exactly how that feels, which is why I’m so committed to helping you find freedom from yo-yo dieting, get back in touch with your body and truly achieve the balance you have been dreaming of so you can live your BEST possible life.

Don't Let The Struggle to

Make Healthier Food Choices

Hold You Back Any Longer

This Method Really Works!

"Amanda's Support Literally Changed My Life!"

I felt so strongly that there was something missing from every other weight loss method I'd tried before, and the more I tried, the worse my results became. I never knew how to support my body before. She gave me so much insight and confirmation in my struggles that I didn't feel like I was just too weak, had too little willpower or was too lazy. A total shift for me, and I am definitely able to be a much better example for my children now too!


There is a Big Problem in the Wellness industry right now...



There is SO MUCH information out there (literally at your fingertips) But the overwhelm this creates can be PARALYZING! You don't know who to trust, or what to follow.


Most of the experts and gurus out there will go on for days about all the diet and lifestyle changes you SHOULD be making and why, but they don't address the very real issue... that diet and lifestyle changes are HARD to make and even harder to stick to!


Most of the approaches out there are rooted in RESTRICTION... putting the focus on what you should be avoiding, or creating harsh rules to follow (like counting calories, tracking macros & obsessing over everything you put in your mouth)

Ditch the Overwhelm and Confusion

Register Now for This 4-Part Self Study Program & You'll Learn:

  • How to tune in to your body's needs and eat more INTUITIVELY.

  • How to create change in a positive and SUSTAINABLE way so you actually enjoy the process.

  • Practice mindfulness and self-compassion to OVERCOME emotional eating.

  • Enjoy a more joyful and fulfilling life, FREE from food guilt & shame.

This Method Works Even If:

  • You Have a Very Busy Schedule...

  • You Feel Like You've Already Tried Everything...

  • You Have Food Sensitivities or Allergies...

  • You Have Struggled With Disordered Eating...

You may be thinking that the only way to reach your health goals is by giving up the foods you love, obsessing over calories or living in the gym...



Supportive Eating with Amanda Diamond

Hi, I'm Amanda Diamond,

(Holistic Health Coach)

Amanda Diamond (Holistic Health Coach)

I used to struggle with chronic digestive issues, low energy, poor mental health, and the overwhelm that came with trying to manage all my symptoms.

For Many Years, Eating Felt Stressful, Confusing and Frustrating For Me...

Eventually I hit my breaking point, & decided to start doing things very differently. I learned to finally start listening to my body, honoring it, and supporting it in a whole new way...

Now I have helped dozens of women shed stubborn fat, regain their energy and take back their life. If it’s possible for all of my clients, I know it’s possible for YOU too.

Here's What You'll Get:

The 4 Part Video Training

Learn exactly why strict diets don't work long term & what to do instead.

Supportive Eating Guide

That walks you Step by Step through an easier way to making dietary changes.

Printable Habit Tracker

That will help you put this new & powerful knowledge into ACTION in your life

The 7 Causes of Cravings

How to start interpreting your cravings so you can feel less reactive & more in control of your eating habits.


"I Learned More About my Body Than I Ever Knew!"

Amanda gave me the guidance I needed to heal my relationship with food after years of dieting.


"I am Worthy of a Healthier Me"

I am grateful for everything Amanda has taught me. From my relationship with food and my body, to the truth behind it all... That I'm worthy of a healthier me.


"Both Flexible and Supportive"

Amanda was wonderful to work with. What helps her stand above the rest is her holistic and down to earth approach that is both flexible and supportive. Highly recommended!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I complete this course at my own pace?

Absolutely you can! This self study program is designed to work for you regardless of how busy your schedule is, and with only 2 hours of total video instruction, it's something that can be completed in a weekend. The idea is to not overwhelm you with information, but to get into the implementation phase as soon as possible so you can start creating healthier habits in your own life.

How do I know this method will work for me?

Well ultimately there is no way for me to absolutely guarantee that this method will work for you... but what I can guarantee is that the Supportive Eating Method is very different from most other approaches out there that you've tried before. It's a method that empowers you to make healthy changes that will become long term habits, at a pace that suits you and in a way that feels good. It's not a quick fix solution... but rather a holistic approach that may just change your life in many surprising ways.

Can I expect to lose weight with Supportive Eating?

Weight loss can very likely be a positive side effect of learning the Supportive Eating Method, but it isn't a goal we specifically focus on. We believe in teaching people to dig down to the root causes of their health issues and learn to support their body in a whole new way. We find that when you begin learning to interpret the messages your body is sending you, while also repairing your relationship with food and creating healthier eating habits, the body tends to respond by naturally letting go of excess fat and stabilizing weight.

With The Supportive Eating Method™ you’ll be able to create heathier eating habits in a way that feels good instead of restrictive. You'll learn exactly what steps to take to make heathier food choices every single day…

I'd like to show you a whole new way to start honoring & supporting your body... a way that feels empowering.

That will drastically change your relationship with food.

all for just $97.

The Supportive Eating

Mini-Course Bundle

Video Trainings:

  • Food Changes Everything

  • An Easier Approach to Dietary Change

  • Implementation Secrets

Habit Building Toolkit:

  • The Supportive Eating Food Guide

  • & Printable Habit Tracker


**Bonus Trainings:

  • The 7 Causes of Cravings

  • Healing Your Relationship with Food

  • A Free Onboarding Strategy Call

(1-1 with Amanda)